Parent Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conducct

Polaris Soccer Club values the role of parents, in the development of young athletes, as a powerful partner alongside coaches, directors and the players themselves. With decades of experience coaching players at all ages, we recognize the the impact (positive and negative) parents can have on the process. In an effort to make the interactions as effective as possible, we ask that you consider the following points.

Supporting Your Child

The game is challenging and the best way to learn is to work hard, take risks, make mistakes and re-wire your brain slowly as you correct those mistakes. We ask that you focus on the longterm progress of our players. Reward young players for trying to do the right thing, regardless of the outcome. Praise them for working hard and taking chances above the result.

Do Not Coach From The Sidelines

Your interactions with your child (in regard to development) should be considered based on your level of experience in the game, in sport, in teaching, in counseling, and so on. The coaches in this club study the game, coaching as a craft, child development, teaching, etc. and have created their philosophy through years of advice and trial & error. Please allow us to help you guide your young player. Consider our advice as suggestions from coaches who have seen the outcomes of parent actions, and have seen countless children go from U8 to college, professional and international play.

Players learn best when thinking for themselves. Allow our coaches to take advantage of moments when a different choice could have been made, even if that point is given at Half-Time, after a match or days later in training.

Exhibit Positive Attitudes Toward Referees and Opponents

Do not view the individuals officiating our matches as Referees, but instead as people willing to provide their time to officiate our matches.

Do not speak to players, families or coaches from our opponents in a negative way. It is inappropriate for you to address an opponent out of frustration or in an inflammatory manner.

24 Hour Rule

If you’ve become frustrated or concerned by an event (one-time or ongoing), you have the right to address it. However, it is poor judgment to take action while either party is in an emotional state. Approaching a coach immediately after a match, ... in front of children, ... in front of other parents, etc. will often lead to regrettable actions. Take the time to decompress and consider your words and give coaches the opportunity to do the same.

The Club’s Response to Negative Parental Actions

If Polaris SC representatives agree that a parent’s actions have fallen outside the requests we make in the document, we reserve the right to enact any of the following sanctions:

  • Removal of the parent from the premises of an event
  • Reduction of playing time for the child of the parent involved
  • Suspension of the family from future club events
  • Discontinuation of the family’s connection with the club