Juggling Club

The Polaris SC Juggling Club is designed to promote, encourage and challenge our players to spend more of their free time juggling. As we all know, juggling is an integral part of player development and we want to encourage our young players to make juggling a habit to help players:

  • Develop better overall ball manipulation skills and "touch"
  • Develop coordination, balance, reaction, speed and learn to use both feet
  • Develop good practice habits
  • Set and achieve goals (personal juggling records)

Juggling is the act of keeping the soccer ball in the air by bouncing it off your foot, thigh, head, chest, back and shoulder -- pretty much everything except your hands.

Daily juggling at home or showing up early to practice is best. Your touches will increase as you practice and have fun. Challenge yourself and keep track of your personal best.

Juggling Hint: It is helpful to establish a pattern with juggling and stick to the pattern. The weaker foot is always one that causes players the most difficulty. The quickest way to become a better juggler and more importantly develop a better touch is to work on the weak foot specifically. A pattern for a right footed player would be two left one right and continue this pattern. This will be more time consuming and results are slower INITIALLY, however in short time the player will have the ability to juggle indefinitely. Dedication and discipline are the keys here and, the dedication will pay off in the long run.

Juggling Club Rules

  • Be able to comfortably juggle on your own before approaching your coach to witness
  • Ball must be kept in the air for consecutive touches
  • Juggling recognition only takes place before or after practices; or thru personal video submission
  • Players only get 3 attempts and then they have to wait for the next practice
  • Players U10 and younger may start with the ball in their hands; 1st touch must be with the foot but all body parts count as a point
  • Players U11 and older must use their feet to pick up the ball; only touches with the feet count toward the total number of juggles. All other body parts can be used to keep the ball up. For example; foot, foot, thigh, head, foot will count as 3 juggles.

Juggling Club Levels of Acknowledgement

  • 10 Juggles : Starter
  • 25 Juggles : Beginner
  • 50 Juggles : Intermediate
  • 75 Juggles : Advanced
  • 100 Juggles : Premier
  • 200 Juggles : Elite
  • 500 Juggles : Pro
  • 1,000 Juggles : Master